Moonlight - Rachel Hawthorne

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I loved reading this story. Werewolves were put in a new and refreshing view and this time it were actually the female werewolves who got a say in chosing a mate. Go emancipation! No more woman who are stuck with a mate they don’t want (at first of course, since mates are destined to be together and it’s always quite nice to see them growing to love each other)


A couple of pages I had the assumption that a naked Lucas was carrying Kayla on his shoulder. Till the moment he planned on becoming a wolf and threw his pants to her (okay so he wasn’t naked -.-). I missed a small, important sentence phrase where he puts on his pants, but it made it a lot more interesting (although I kept wondering why Kayla stayed calm. She would have had an amazing view )


The moment Kayla turned into a wolf was an anticlimax. The description of becoming one is that it will be painful and even dangerous, people died when they transformed. The real scene is over in a minute and I didn’t get the feeling that it was that difficult or painful (not that I wanted her to suffer) but a piece of cake. That’s quite a contradiction…


As a rule, I’m a team player, except when I’m not.


Okay, this phrase seems logical, but I actually had to read it 4 or 5 times before I got what means. Is it me (and no, I was not tired at that moment )?


My overall rating is 4 hearts. I honestly enjoyed reading this book, but it wasn’t enough for 5. Why? Not the faintest idea. It lacked that bit of magic to keep me glued to it. It’s still a great book to read and I will definitely read the next one in this series.