Dragonflight - Anne McCaffrey

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The first couple of pages I had to struggle to get into the story. There were a lot of words I didn’t get at first and the writing style felt different to me. Most of the words I didn’t get were made up ones. Although there was an index, which explains the words, at the end of the book, I didn’t feel like looking up every single word I didn’t get (which were a few). Why cant the author explain the words first and, if you have forgotten it later on, THEN you look it up? This would be so much easier, since I usually refuse to leave the story to look for the meaning of some word.


Even after I got used to the writing style and knew most of the words, I sometimes had trouble to follow the story. This was because of all the different names that were used and most of them looked almost the same. I’m terrible at keeping track of the names of lesser characters, I only remember the main characters and the characters that leave an impression on me. You can understand why I would have a bit of trouble with differentiating the characters and not understand what is happening.


The story itself was very interesting to read. It’s been a while since the last SF I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Lessa isn’t a pampered princess and is very outspoken of her ideas. Sometimes (read often) this brings her into a conflict with F’lar, who can be as stubborn and conceited as she is, although he usually knows more about the situation and so able to make better decisions.



4 HEARTS. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next one (which I ordered immediately after finishing this one ) I’m dying to know how it ends with the dragons and their riders in the battle against the Threads!

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