Song of the Moon  - Catherine Banks

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This book was on my to-read list for a while, but I hadn’t taken the time to read it yet. I’m glad I finally did! The story is written in such a way that it’s hard to put the book down. You won’t stop reading till the end ( in my case ). However, there were some things the author could have paid a little more attention to ( not that I have big problems with how it looks like now ;) ), since it just didn’t feel logical sometimes.


The first and major issue is with the attacks on humans, where millions are killed and missing. I imagine that if something like that would happen, there would be a creepy atmosphere or fear, but you didn’t notice a thing of that when they were traveling. Even when they went to Paris and walked to the Eifel Tower, people just continued their everyday life. This is not logical, since major cities were the target of these attacks. People must have been scared and running away from the big cities. Not continuing their daily lives like everything is fine and there isn’t a creepy mist that can murder them in seconds….


The second issue is that Artemis can be a bit naive, especially when boys are in the picture. Example: she doesn’t get that when two boys are fighting (literally) it’s because of her. Most girls would have understood what was happening before the boys were even lying on the ground…


I also had a problem with how she treated Brent and Ares. It’s possible that your best friend is in love with you, but it’s nice to take his feeling into consideration and not crush them by acting like they don’t exist at all. Initially, she treats Ares the same way, hurting his feelings ( he doesn’t retaliate and stays nice to her… he’s amazing ^^). Even when she understands the way their bond works more and more, she still tramples his feelings occasionally and it makes me want to smack her and comfort Ares at the same tame (although it’s actually not a big dilemma, hugging Ares is way better ^^)


She has definitely a problem with hierarchy. She doesn’t behave well in front of alphas, but when someone she considers inferior to her doesn’t treat her like one, all hell breaks loose. Although they are mates, the attraction between them was a bit too much at times. With half as much passion, I would have totally understood that they are destined to be with each other.


I didn’t have any problems with Ares, loved how he stayed so calm and nice (okay, he snapped sometimes, but that was completely understandable ) while Artemis was trampling on his heart. The only problem I had with him was the difference in age. He’s slightly *cough cough* older and you really notice it in his reactions. I know in Twilight they also have a huge age difference, but there you didn’t notice it as much and here it bothered me a little…


Overall rating: 4 hearts. Although I had some complaints, I still found it a great book to read. With a huge cliffhanger at the end *argh* If I can’t stand something it’s a cliffhanger -.- It always make me want to read the next book immediately Therefore I will read the second book asap