Heartless - Anne Elisabeth Stengl

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What a book! And I don’t mean it in a good way. I’ve tried and tried and tried to finish this book, to no avail. I made it halfway through the book before throwing it away. My repulsion for Una was just too big. I just can’t stand her. Once in a while I get something like this. And if I can’t stand the hero / heroine it’s always hard to finish a book. In most cases there are funny / great /handsome / etc…. minor characters who help me get through it. Alas, that wasn’t the case here. The minor characters are too underdeveloped and didn’t appear clearly enough to be interesting. So I threw in the towel.


The story itself was pretty good, at least the part that I read. We’ve got weird-looking creatures, who come from an ancient and mysterious forest. An even mysterious bridge no one may cross… It really piqued my interest! Unfortunately Una ruined everything… She’s snobbish, haughty, conceited arrogant, spoiled…. The title of this book is a very good description of her personality: heartless! Furthermore, when someone tries to help her, mostly prince Oeric who can feel something is wrong with her, she just insults him and runs him down. Just because he’s not pretty enough for her taste. Who cares how he looks like? There’s something wrong with you and you need help! This was just an example of Una’s behavior. Can you imagine why I quit?



DID NOT FINISH. I’ve tried so many times to read this book, but stranded after a couple of pages. Una is too vain, conceited, haughty, spoiled, etc… to really enjoy and to read the story. The story on its own was engaging, but because of Una and her behaviour spoiled. What a shame!

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