The Rock Star's Daughter - Caitlyn Duffy

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Hmmm…. And that’s all she wrote. It’s hard for me to write about this book. It wasn’t spectacular or repulsive. It’s just not special, a dime a dozen story, that you’ll forget quickly. Of course there are some things that stood out for me, but the res of the story is meant for a boring Sunday afternoon, when you’ve got nothing to do ^^


First of all, it was a bit hard for me to understand that you would take a child who just lost her mother on a tour. Hello? She needs plenty of time to grieve, what obviously won’t happen when you hop from one city to the next. Then we have Taylor’s reaction with everything that happens: stoical. She’s the one who wanted to stay at home, but if push comes to shove, she just goes with the tour. Okay, she just lost her mother, but wouldn’t you want to stay at the place where you lived with her? Where’s the big fight, the angry shouting, the tears?


And last but not least we have Taylor’s father. He’s a real piece of work. First of all he acts like a drama queen, which made me cringe and find the whole scene unbelievable. He’s a rock star for god’s sake! Since when do they have the image of drama queens? Okay, it’s not impossible, just highly unbelievable for me. And his behavior is totally unworthy for a father. His wife Jill, on the other hand, behaves much more like a responsible adult. She really has my sympathy. It’s not everyday you find out you’ll have to take care of the almost grown up daughter of your husband. Although her first reaction was a bit too much.


The ending came as a big surprise. No HEA, not even a real HFN, just different, more of a real life ending. This came as a welcome change to the very predictable endings you have nowadays (which I also like, some people just are made to be together ) Although I preferred a bit more of an epilogue…



2 HEARTS. This book was OK. No fireworks, no throwing things, just a nice story for a dull afternoon. With an unusual ending, which made it more refreshing to read.