Smokeless Fire  - Samantha Young

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Ooh Jinn! Interesting, I’ve never read a story about them before, besides Aladdin of course . But Genie isn’t at all like the Jinn in this book. Here the Jinn are a race, with different interesting sub races. In short it’s a collective name for all kinds of creatures, each with its own special powers and they are ruled by Azazil, the Sultan, and the 7 kings. You’ll meet a few in this book and they are very fascinating! I’ll look forward to get to know the Jinn world more in the next book, this glimpse was a bit too short.


I kinda liked Ari. Despite everything she stayed surprisingly calm and took everything that was thrown at her in stride, besides some minor panic attacks. But how would you react if you found out that your real father is an unfeeling bastard, your mother is locked up in a vase and you seem to have magic powers? Although she should open her eyes once in a while, concerning Georges behavior, but I think what George did at the end made her eyes open as far as they could


Jai… I’m still not sure how I feel about Jai. He didn’t do anything special, except being the “standard” YA hero. Okay, his youth wasn’t that great and he thinks his duty is more important than his “possible” feelings for Ari, but that’s the usual stuff you can find in a YA. His only good point was that he’s a Jinn and that if he kisses you, he knows how to find you . Although I liked his short Alpha werewolf part:


There was no one thought in a moment like this. There was terror and fury and panic and vengeance. It was unrelenting and painful as it clawed and clouded his brain, reducing him to a saliva-ridden animal desperate to eviscerate the Jinn who dared to hurt what was his.


If he keeps going like this I’m definitely gonna like him ^^ I just love alpha’s ^^


What I also liked in this book was that you don’t know on which side the Jinn Kings are. Okay, the White King is gonna be the bad guy, but I’m not sure what the Red King and Azazil’s agenda’s are. It can go both ways at the moment. I’m looking forward to discover what their real intention is ^^


Overall rating 3 HEARTS. It was a nice story to read and I loved the glimpse we got of the Jinn world. And now comes the but: although the story was interesting, it just lacked that special something to make it more interesting for me: it didn’t keep me reading. I could put it away for a while quite easily and to have to keep on reading is a must for a great story for me