Dead Radiance  - T.G. Ayer

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What an awesome book! Although it took some time to build the story, once that was over I was hooked and read till it was finished ^^ At first I thought this story would be about Valkyrie only, but there's a lot more Norse mythology in this book! We get to know Asgard and the Bifrost. I really liked how detailed the world of the gods was, it was clearly thought through. It was so full of details and written in such a way that sometimes I got the feeling I was actually there! T.G. Ayer obviously did her research on Norse mythology, I even discovered some new facts! Did you know that not all soldiers who have fallen in battle go to Valhalla? It's actually 50 / 50. One half goes to Freya and the other half goes to Odin.


And now on to our heroine: Bryn. At first I had a little trouble with the roller coaster of emotions that Bryn experiences. In a short amount of time, so many things happen. Initially I thought it would be because Bryn is a Valkyrie, and that's why she experiences all those emotions. That or it's because she's a teenager, and teenager have a lot of hormones... But it was good to see the change she goes through after she discovers her heritage. She becomes more sure of herself, and I grew to lover her more and more.


I was less thrilled about Loki and how he's portrayed in this story. It's a little easy to go this route. Okay he doesn't have a good name in the world of the Gods, but I recently finished the movie Thor, and I liked him way better there and he was a lot nicer (of course that was before I saw the Avengers). Therefore it was a bit hard to put that Loki and this one together as actually being the same person, so I had some trouble with it, since the Loki in this books isn't sympathetic at all.


The ending could have been better. T.G. Ayer obviously wanted to create one mayor cliffhanger and some things had to happen to build one. It just didn't have the desired effect. The changes were too sudden and therefore became a little forced. This made some reactions not very likely, especially with the roles they played in the story.Besides I'm not that fond off cliffhangers ;)



4 HEARTS. I enjoyed this book immensely. The world of the Norse gods was written very well, with a lot of details. The story is also rock solid. I'd only prefer it if Loki was given another role and a different build up to the ending, but that doesn't mean I'm not waiting impatiently till I can read the next book!