Deep Waters - Sophie Rhodes

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All the mermaid books I’ve read until now usually star either a mermaid or a girl who eventually transforms into one (except Everblue). This book isn’t like that, since there isn’t a mermaid in sight, instead it’s about a merman and his love for a human girl. Nice twist of the all-known story ^^ Although the plot is quite different from Hans Christian Anderson’s story It was nice to get to know the underwater world through the eyes of a merman, cause we hardly ever get to know something about them!


The theory about changing from full human to half fish was also well thought of. No magic or witches this time, just plain old physics: the manipulation of the atoms. Very credible if you think about it. Everything is made of atoms, so if you change them, you change yourself. Only question that remained: how are they able to do so? With incredible mind power?


This book also pays a lot of attention to the environment and the result of human meddling with nature. This is the first time I’ve read such an eco-friendly book. It really made me think about all the things we as humans have done to nature and how long this can last. A little too much at times, which made me feel that it was more propaganda to take care of nature than a story. But she did bring the message across: I’ll pay more attention to my environment ^^


The downsize of a lot of propaganda is that I didn’t feel that much happened in the book. You get to know the underwater world, the Lemosos, their history (another excellent twist in Aphrodite’s story ). Then we have the slowly budding romance between Julia and Raymos, the universal enemy is introduced and some surprising things happen at the end. But real adventure and excitement were hard to find..


The romance between Raymos and Julia was also not really to my liking… Not that I had problems with it, I just missed the fireworks. I now that this is how two people usual come together, but it’s not what I like for my book couples I prefer some differences in opinion, or fights and then the make-up sessions ^^ This smoothness made it feel to good to be true at times, the stuff of fairy tales. Or it could be I’m too influenced by frenemy couples


One thing I absolutely loved in this books are Julia’s parents. It’s like they were created to embarrass her, time and time again. Not in annoyingly, but in a genuine funny way. Although I don’t think I’d still think the same if I were Julia



3 HEARTS. A good story, with excellent use of old existing stories, which are giving a nice twist. Even if there wasn’t much action, the world building and characters were good developed. There’s also a lot of attention for the environment, sometimes too much, but it gives you food for thought!