Threads That Bind - Brant Williams

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Wow! What an amazing book! From the moment I started reading I couldn’t stop till I had read the last word. What a ride ^^ And I enjoyed every minute of it ^^ At first I was a little skeptical about this one. Although the blurb sparked my interest, I don’t have a very good relationship with male writers. It’s not their fault, but a lot of books written by male writers that I’ve read didn’t turn out that well and gave me a headache reading them. There’s usually less romance (not really a deal breaker, but still important for me ) and I always got the feeling that the characters are a bit more platonic. Besides all that, I just prefer reading from the point of a woman when reading, instead of a men, what’s usually the case when reading something written by a man. I know it’s not fair to tar everyone with the same brush, but in general that’s my experience. Of course there were exceptions and this is one obviously one of them ^^


Okay back to the story. As I said, this book was mind-blowing. The characters are well-considered and the story is rock solid. My only regret is that the Norse mythology wasn’t that well used. The Berserkers in the story, though, don’t have any relation at all to the Norse of yore. Aside from that fact I like the idea: protectors of evil, magical powers, adrenaline rush. This is a much better image than the Berserkers of old times had.


Madison is fantastic. She’s got just the right mix of humor and spunk. She doesn’t hide behind other people, but takes everything right on. What other choice do you have when you’re a Berserker? I really liked the fact that she stayed her little old me, even after the change. In one word: Madison rocks!



4 HEARTS. This was a very good book. I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the next one. The story and characters were well thought and funny. The protagonist is brilliant with her humor and spunk on just the right moments. My only letdown was the absence of some Norse mythology and the link between Berserkers and the lack of romance. But I have high hopes for the next book!