The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade

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What a lovely book this was! And with a great concept ^^ I believe that this would be my first time reading a book where the main protagonist dies at the beginning of the story. That little fact made reading this book even more fun. And although I’m not usually someone who’s very fond on ghosts (except for funny comments) I totally embraced them in this book ^^ Alona makes a very funny ghost ^^


Alona as a ghost is funny, she herself is awesome. Although I’d wish she stopped behaving haughty and a little bit less touchy ^^ Normally I find it hard to read and like that type of people, but Alona wormed a way into my heart. She acted like she didn’t mean half of what she said and in reality is just someone who means well, but is a bit clumsy in bringing her point across. Or is just plainly who says what comes up in her mind. Brilliant!


I liked Will too, although he has some things he has to digest. But the way he interacts with Alona couldn’t be better ^^ I could feel the sparks flying when they were speaking to each other. And I love his fixation on her legs ^^ He’s obviously no boob-man, but a leg-man . Still, he has much to learn on girl territory, but he has an excellent teacher: Alona ^^


As I said earlier I really liked this concept! This isn’t the usual Ghostwhisperer story, but one with a definite twist about being a ghost. You even have spirit guides! I also liked Will’s explanation of how the world works with all the energy, how ghosts come into being and his place among them. It was really thought through and credible.



3 HEARTS. A nice and funny story, with two great protagonists. They have a great chemistry between them and make you laugh out loud often. The concept was innovative and well thought through. I can’t wait to read the next book!