Heir to the Underworld - E.D. Walker

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While reading this book I experienced a roller coaster of emotions. However, the first emotion I encountered was annoyance. The story hadn’t taken off yet and it was too soon for me and Freddy to be joined at the hip. Therefore I felt annoyed when she started doing things which obviously wouldn’t end well. This made continuing the book a hardship and the only thing that prevented me from throwing it away was her mysterious parentage.


The next thing I knew, the story picked up pace and I was hooked! At that moment the roller coaster started for real. I can’t even count or describe all the different emotions I experienced while reading this book. There were times where my heart was beating in my throat, so tense was the situation. Or I felt tears rolling down my cheeks because of the hopelessness. Unfortunately, even with all those emotions toying with me, there were still times were I felt annoyed. This time not because of Freddy, nope. This time her male counterpart was to blame!


And that was a first for me. Normally I’m too focused on our hero’s hotness, his willingness to save our heroine when she’s once again doing something stupid and the mysterious air that surrounds male protagonists. Deg, though, just worked on my nerves. He’s sooooo not hero material. More like a lazy god who only thinks about saving his own skin. He’s always minutes too late in saving Fred, who by the way is more than capable of saving them BOTH. He’s also good in making problems worse. Actually, he behaved like a typical FEMALE ya protagonist. It was like the situation was reversed. Although I quite liked the fact that for once the hero is doing BLOND things, it didn’t make me less annoyed when Deg was at it again.


As I said, Fred and I had a rocky start. After that she grew to someone I loved to read about. She has her heart on the right place. Knows how to kick-ass and won’t let anyone shut her op. I especially liked that temper of hers! As I came know her more and more I also developed a huge compassion for Fred and the situation she gets caught in. It brought me close to tears a couple of times. I could totally feel her desperation, the unfairness of it all. For a moment I thought she would give up, but fortunately she found the strength to fight back. Which made me love her all the more.


It was also very fascinating to see how E.D. Walker mixed ancient Greek Gods with Celtic myths and legends. She managed to create an intriguing world where many gods and mythical creatures found a place to live. The plot was also quite strong and well-developed. It had me on the edge of my seat after the rather difficult start. The only real shame I felt was that this book is a stand-alone. I’d loved to discover more of this world and go on more adventures with Fred.



3.5 HEARTS. But I rounded it up to 4, since some parts just had me babbling ;) . Once you’re fully in the story, it was a great read. It also played around with my emotions and I adored our main character, Fred. The hardships she had to face… *shivers* I was less fond of our male character. He managed to annoy the crap out of me. He’s a god fo Christ’ Sake! Can’t he grow some balls? Anyway it’s a more than decent story with wonderful world building and vast amounts of gods and mythical creatures. Add to that a wonderful and well-done plot and I was quite fond of this book ^^

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