Glass Frost - Liz DeJesus

*Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest opinion*


They say that sequels are usually not as good as the first book. That’s definitely not the case here. For me, Glass Frost is way better than First Frost. Cause even though I was quite fond of First Frost, reading that book felt more like being an indifferent spectator. I felt nothing at all for the characters and the story. In Glass Frost, on the other hand, I was sucked into the book from page one. There was not a moment when I felt indifferent. And I definitely had no troubles creating a bond with our four heroes ^^ What a vast and wonderful improvement!


In this book, too, there’s a well-thought story that will leave you hanging at times, will keep you on the edge of your seat and up at night. That in combination with the lovely world that Liz DeJesus created, is nothing but amazing. This time we focus on Cinderella, or should I say Helena (always found it a bit strange to have a name like that ;) ).  We get to know fairies, THE dwarves, a frog Queen and the parents of both Terrance and Ferdinand. There’s more info about the “true” Snow White and her adventures. Some truths are revealed and more mysteries are created. Words can’t describe how giddy I felt with every new thing that came across my path. I absolutely love this world!!!


It was also great to spent more time with prince Ferdinand, Terrance, Ming and Bianca. They are great persons to be around, although I was a bit disappointed with Ming. Instead of the amazing sidekick she was in First Frost, she became a scaredy-cat, who only thinks about herself. What happened to best friend through and through? Shouldn’t they stick together? Nope, Ming flees at the first opportunity she gets. I was NOT impressed.


Bianca, too, had her less than stellar moments. I mean how bad can it be that the curse backfired on you? You DID save your boyfriend and your mom can make something so you’ll be normal once again. So who cares that you look like a freak for two days and hides in her room? Not me! I think I’d find it too fascinating to look like that for a while ;) As for the boys, I have nothing but good words for them. Prince Ferdinand is just too adorable for words and will definitely make you laugh with his antics and Terrance is always there to save the day. Yup, no complaints from me ^^ May they always be like that ^^




4 HEARTS. For a change a sequel that’s BETTER than the book one. Where we find out more about this amazing world named Everafter. With a stellar story that will keep you reading and four very likable and lovable characters. Even though Bianca and Ming both had moments where I was not so happy with them. A book that I, once again can recommend to everyone who loves fairy tales and Once Upon a Time ^^