Let the Sky Fall (Let the Sky Fall, #1) - Shannon Messenger

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Even though the title of this book makes me start humming a certain song every time I see it, this story also managed to sweep me of my feet ^^ What a great book this was! It was nearly impossible for me to put it down. Even then my mind kept going back to the story. I honestly never thought that a book about wind would be this fascinating and intriguing! With every page that I read it became even more fantastic. Till the point that I thought: this can’t get any better. How wrong I was, cause at that moment the twist and turns were introduced. And once again I got caught up in a whirlwind of amazing events. *sigh* It was awesome!


The world-building is also top-notch. Shannon Messenger created a whole new world where it’s possible for sylphs to exist. Where they are able to control the winds. How amazing it would be to actually be one! To be able to ride the winds… I’d love to experience it at least once ^^ I also liked the aspect that every wind has its own language and spells.  That sylphs are not just ordinary humans, but something else. With the power to do the most amazing things… This world rocks, it’s thought out and so detailed! I was really happy to discover this universe and can’t wait to go back to it.


Let’s not forget our main characters, cause they too are gush-worthy. First there’s Vane, the one who will save them all. At first I had a bit of trouble with seeing him as a guy. His way of thinking reminded me too much of a teenage girl. His distaste for shooters and such also didn’t help create a more masculine image of him in my mind. Till the moment he meets Audra. From then on, it’s more than obvious: Vane can be nothing else but a guy. And what a guy he is! He’s a great character, someone who kept me giggling with his antics. Although Audra wasn’t to happy with them. Really, those two together… You can only take out the popcorn and sit back and enjoy. They are THAT amusing ^^


Talking about Audra, at first I had problems with how she dealt with Vane. It appears as if she isn’t capable of seeing things through his eyes. I mean, he just heard a lot of incredible and unbelievable things. Without being told the who, how, why and what. She also has the idea that he will do everything she says. Yeah right, before doing something I understand nothing about, I, too, would ask a hundred things or more, so I could be sure that I do it right. I understand she didn’t have an easy life and what’s at stake, but as a fellow woman she is capable of using her emphatic abilities from time to time. Or is this different with Sylphs? Anyways, she’s a great kick-ass heroine. I really loved her coming to rescue Vane. That she was the stronger, or more experienced one of the two ^^ Cause we, women, can fight too!



4 HEARTS. It’s an amazing book with an intriguing world I loved to discover. The book has a well-though plot and it takes you to new heights in a whirlwind of events and emotions. The world of the sylphs is very detailed and defined. It was a pleasure to read about. The two main characters are the cherry on top. They are so much fun to be around!

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