Here - Ella James

*Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


This book didn’t move me at all. It failed to make me feel something, anything. Not even negative emotions were activated inside me. All I could feel was one big Meeeh (And no, I do not have a sheep inside me ;) ). There were moments in the story where I could almost feel something, but before I could tell which emotion it was, the moment was already over. Oh wait, I did feel one emotion throughout the story besides my sheep: confusion. At times I had the greatest difficulty with keeping track of what was happening or what had occurred. Especially when the point of view is switched between Milo and Nick. It was not always clear when the switch took place and made for an even more confused me.

It’s also hard trying to follow a story if you get tons and tons of information to process at once. That’s what happened in this book. Even then the information is still not detailed enough to get an idea of what’s going on. I saw only glimpses of scenes and persons, but was never able to complete the picture, to make them come alive in my head. The culprit (this time) could be the rather unique comparisons the writer used. They obviously failed their purpose: I was unable to create an image. Cause who knows what beams that angled peaceably are???

Just like me, our main characters had great difficulty with showing or feeling any kind of deep emotions. Nowhere in this book is there any kind of mention or sign about the attraction between Milo and Nick, the sorrow of loosing your dad or the despondency of the situation. Not anywhere. Maybe this explains why I could not feel a thing. Cause how else would it be possible for me to feel my heart in my throat if the character’s heart doesn’t even beat faster? (And no, I’m not going into the fact that he’s an alien ;) )

Since our main characters don’t feel a lot, I had a hard time with giving them a voice, an identity. And for some reason I had great difficulty with remembering Milo’s name. She’s a main character, so how is it possible she couldn’t leave a single impression on me? Milo is also prone to the usual unbelievable “mistakes”, just to make the story more interesting (which did not happen). Instead it made me feel annoyed (yay, another emotion!).

In the end, despite the total lack of emotions and bonding with the main characters, I rather liked the plot. Okay, we have our very cliché moments and some very predictable ones ( Would the DoD really treat Aliens like that?), but I quite enjoyed myself while reading this book. The puzzle that represented Nick and his “family” also deserves some brownie points. It kept me busy and was very original.



2 HEARTS. This book did not succeed in leaving any kind of impression on me. There was too little use of emotions, from anyone, to leave a more lasting impact. The plot, though, deserves some merit. Despite some overused scenes in the story world, it was interesting to read about Nick’s family and what they represented.