Everlost (Mer Tales 3) - Brenda Pandos

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As usual I did not read the back of the book before I started reading (too glad I finally got my hands on it ^^). This resulted in a little lost me. Whut? Why has the point of view changed to Tatiana? What am I reading? It feels more like we continue after book 1, while I’m sure there was a book 2… Oh please don’t let this be a book full of swooning about Azor *barf*! This and other not so reassuring thoughts went through my head. Fortunately, everything fell into place and I got introduced to an amazing new character: Jacob. From that moment on I was reassured, everything would be fine and I knew that, once again, I had a great book in my hands.


My predictions came true. In this final installment you’re once again swept up in a whirlpool of events. There are some pretty fantastic twists and turns, which will throw you totally of course. Thus making it an even greater read, with more excitement and fun. I also liked that in this story the focus lies on Tatiana and Jacob, since Ash and Fin already had their “happy ending.”


Tatiana is a lovely character. She’s energetic, not shy at all AND capable of fabricating very funny descriptions, like “Ms. Sea Urchin and her tatas.” Therefore it was even harder for me to see what the promise did to her. It changed her into a dependent, possessive bimbo. No longer capable of thinking for herself and the only thing she wanted to do was to be near her “darling” Azor. Don’t be afraid, though, you won’t have to read a whole book filled with the most nauseating “lovesick” couple. Nope, you also have the opportunity to read the story through the eyes of Jacob. Tatiana’s personal guard and rebel. Who’s always there to help her out and has the nicest blue-green eyes she’s ever seen…


There’s also more information about the wondrous world of the merpeople. Did you know, for example, that the gestation period is way shorter than human’s (Only a couple of weeks! I mean which woman wouldn’t want that?)? Or that mermaids have super powerful voices which even merman can’t withstand? Oh, don’t forget about the mating ritual, that was fascinating too! Besides the rather dangerous Promise, it really is a world I’d love to visit myself one day ^^



4 HEARTS. A beautiful ending for a great series. It’s a book that will carry you, once again, away to an amazing world beneath the surface, full of mermaids and mermen. With fantastic twists and two “new” characters to get to know. Who have a whole adventure ahead of them. As reader you can’t do anything but root for them and hope that for them, too, a happy ending is possible. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book and series to everyone who likes mermaids (and romance ^^).

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