A Beautiful Fate - Cat Mann

*Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


*I received a copy as part of the blog tour in exchange for my honest review*


To be honest, this book and I had a rocky start. There was something with the beginning that made it hard for me to concentrate. I’ve never created so many notes within such a short amount of pages because I could not focus. It also took me some time to get accustomed with the writing style of Cat Mann, which felt different somehow. Not strange or weird, just different. Enfin, after a while the book and I managed to come to an understanding, to form a careful bond. Along the road we experienced the usual ups and downs, cause no relationship (except in fairy tales) is perfect. However the book and I did manage to part as friends and I might get a new friend if I manage to track down his friend, A Broken Fate.


As I said there were some down moments I encountered while reading. Besides the rather difficult beginning, I also felt that at times the story was too lengthy. I mean, it’s nice to read about the daily life of Ava, but that’s not what I came here to do. I came here to read about action, adventure. Greek mythology. Which means that sometimes things have to HAPPEN, at least more interesting or exiting things than the “mundane” lives of teenagers. Been there done that. It also felt like the book consisted of two parts, which could easily have been made in two books. The story is long enough for that to be possible. (can’t believe I’m actually suggesting something like this, then again I was always good in torturing myself ^^)  It would feel better that way.


Okay now the ups. Lets start with Ava, who’s obviously not a people person, as she said herself. She’s not someone who easily shares her feelings or makes a connection with other people. You can actually see it in the way she “thinks”. This made it a bit harder for me to form a connection. Even after I got to know her, she managed to astonish me, I was speechless. O.O WOW! She’s so different from the usual female main characters you can find in the Young Adult / New Adult genre. She’s a true kick-ass amazon who will keep on fighting till her last breath to protect the ones she loves. And I loved her the more for it.


The plot too was a definite up. I mean descendants from famous Greek mythological creatures? That’s my kind of story! I also liked the detailed way Ava’s powers were written. It’s original and amazing. Then we have the way how slowly, oh so slowly all the pieces of the puzzle are revealed. It kept me reading, wishing things would hurry on, but enjoying the story nonetheless. I truly could not put it down, even when the book and I had one of our disagreements again.


But then….. The absolute up, the summit was definitely the ending. WOOOOOOOW! Talking about cliffhangers! I can’t remember ever reading one this colossal. Ever. It’s killing me from the inside and the next book has not been published yet…. NOOOOOOOO Thankfully there was a blurb for the next sequel that saved me from being left hanging, much (something I absolutely CAN’T stand). Still, me needs to know the whole truth! I want the next book!



3 HEARTS. Despite the antagonizing ending, the fantastic story, the amazing heroine and the fresh way mythological creatures are used in this book, I can’t give it more hearts. The downs were a bit too steep for me to do that. Still, I can easily recommend this book who love to read about the daily lives of teenagers, mixed with some paranormal stuff.

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