The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

*Originally Reviewed at Witchmag's Boekenplank*


The film adaptation of the second book, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters is currently running in the theaters. I saw the first movie a while back and quite liked it. However since the original books are about a twelve-year-old boy, I was not so keen on reading them. I mean how could a children’s book possibly capture the attention of a grown-up woman? Wouldn’t it be too simple for me?? So when I saw it standing on a shelf in the library I thought: Yeah so not the book for me and walked past it. Oh why not, there are gods and other mythical creatures featured in this book. And took it with me. I’m sooooo glad I did it! You don’t notice at all that the book is about a young boy and his friends. That its intended audience are middle graders. This book proves once again that books can be read by everyone ^^



It also proves that books are usually better than their movie adaptations. They left so many fun and important things out! The “real” story was also much and much better. It’s way more fascinating, funny and intriguing. You get to see more of the wonderous world of the gods. The movie even left out some amazing and great moments that I would have loved seeing on-screen. This makes me a bit curious to how this will influence the second movie, cause some events were quite important ^^


Like I said it’s a fantastic story, for young AND old. Especially for someone who loves to read about Greek Mythology. Rick Riordan really created an amazing world full of gods and other mythical creatures. He even makes it believable by introducing Mist. The veil that keeps the world of the gods from being seen by mundanes. It’s very funny when Percy’s veil was lifted and he could suddenly see everything that was kept from him. The story is also quite good and exciting. It’s a great puzzle to find out who did it. Who stole Zeus’s lightning. I loved the hints and dead ends I was given. The twists and turns. Even for someone who already saw the movie (and so knew how it ended ;) ), I was never completely sure I got it right ^^



4 HEARTS.  This book proves that books are usually better than movies and some stories can be read by everyone, regardless their age. It also proves that it never grows old to read about the Greek gods and their latest antics. It has an intriguing mystery, that will keep you guessing till the last page and a good dose of humor. A lovely book I can recommend to everyone ^^